Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shirts for Dads!

These shirts from Babies "R" Us are just adorable! Click here to buy one.

I think I'll hold off buying one until my husband has proved that he "does do diapers!"


Kristen Andrews said...

what a great shirt! My hubby will do diapers but my kiddo will only let me. LOL

LucidMoney said...

Hi Jennifer!

I like the t-shirt, and the blog :)
I do diapers, but only when the little monster stays still long enough.

Have you abandoned the blog now? I have a 9 month old boy and I'm currently researching mortgages on my blog: and my fiance Becki is blogging about being a young mum here:

Have a look if you've got time, and it would be great if you could add our blogs to your 'Other Blogs I like' list :)